'Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere; and sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself '

            WILDfest® Events

Everything we do at Wildfest® centres around nature so our events and experiences like Wild Native Feast or Canoes, Champagne & Canapés are always outdoors.  We also celebrate our region offering the best from local producers, award winning wine makers, craft beer brewers, industry leading chefs and caterers, distillers, artisan partners to wildlife rescue workers caring for our native creatures.

WILDfest® Pop Up Wilderness Retreats

Our retreats offer the perfect way to re connect with nature.  During this years annual festival Wildfest® Southern Highlands we have 3 retreat options.  Food & Wine Festival package on Sat 29 and Sun 30 Sept | Rewilding mid week break 2 and 3 Oct | Premium Wilderness Retreat 5 to 7 Oct.

'People protect what they love' Jacques Yves Cousteau

WILDfest® Southern Highlands

29 Sept - 7 October 2018

Be part of this unforgettable and uniquely Australian wilderness celebration in 2018.

It’s a festival connecting you to nature through soul-stirring and authentic WILD activities. And as nature is unpredictable, exciting and untamed, we mix in the whimsical to craft those truly exceptional moments.

This definitely isn’t your average weekend in the country.


'Once you truly immerse yourself in Wildfest it evolves into an investigation of your own nature. Then the magic really starts'

About Us

Just as glamping redefined camping, WILDfest® is re-imagining wilderness experiences in Australia.

Our mission is simple: To connect you to nature in a meaningful way and inspire you to join us in working to protect it. We understand our guests are hard working, time poor, goal orientated, high achieving, trail blazing entrepreneurs and individuals so  we do the heavy lifting.  Your experience with us is about you.

All our practises reflect our respect of the wild places in the world from using metal straws, reusable glass water bottles to biodegradable products. We leave nature as we found it, untouched, pristine and wildly beautiful.


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