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Just as glamping redefined camping, WILDfest® is re-imagining wilderness experiences within 2 hours drive from either Sydney or Canberra.

Our mission is simple: To connect you to nature in a meaningful way and inspire you to join us in working to protect it. We understand our guests are hard working and time poor so we do the heavy lifting.  Your experience with us is about you.

All our practises reflect our respect of the wild places in the world from using metal straws, reusable glass water bottles to biodegradable products. We leave nature as we found it, untouched, pristine and wildly beautiful.

Our approach.

Wildfest® Pty Limited is a nature tourism company that created Australia’s first Wild Nature Festival: Wildfest® which is now annual in October in the Southern Highlands and surrounds. We believe to craft those memorable moments you need a little finesse and a twist so we always bring something extra to our experiences. And we added SERVICE to glamping with our concierge model affording life’s luxuries whilst still sleeping under the stars in the Australia bush.

Its no longer enough to offer a destination or host a dinner with an award winning chef, our customers want more authentic, real time, genuine adventures and we rise to that challenge. We believe that everyone wants a little magic in their lives and as humans we all crave connection, so we add in the whimsical in our own signature way.

We also create tailored nature connect packages for corporate groups, arrange and execute small group travel, offer retail and wholesale day trips options to the region for the travel industry and more. To find out more click onto Experience Nature Group 

Our Mission.

“People protect what they love”
Jacques Yves Cousteau

We want you to connect with nature and like us, work to protect it.

We are for wild.

Wild places, wild spaces, wildlife, wildlings and wild things.

We are for Wilderness.

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