When you find your tribe there is only one thing to do….collaborate….Noshtrekker is our kind of business.
Based in Singapore, they design unique in-home dining food experiences that provide travellers and locals with an authentic taste of a place. Founded in 2015 by Tahnya Butterfield, it changes the way travellers collect souvenirs and memories by connecting cultures through delicious, home-cooked food, the incredible people who eat and make it, and the local stories they tell.
And as we all know Storytelling is the new battleground in the world of travel.
Guided by the joy of travel, the wisdom of learning and the freedom it imagines for the communities it serves, NOSHtrekker works with travel agents, the meeting and conference industry, tourism boards, as well as independent urban explorers looking to experience something beyond the typical local dining experience. Whether its barehand eating or hot food and cool jazz, their vision is to create immersive food experiences that tell stories in ways that ignite the imagination.
At WILDfest we share the same goal-  to connect people with something more than just a destination – and are working alongside NOSHtrekker to create some really unique adventures. Stay tuned.