Spring Forage – Sat 23 October 2021


Be sustained by an 8-course or 10-course degustation menu, meet the locals, taste cool climate wines, smell the wild flowers blooming in the warm spring air and take in some of the most breathtaking scenery of the region as you experience the Highland Valley Forage. Enjoy our 4km experience or take in the entire 9.5km walk.

So you can meander at your own pace we take bookings at allocated a times with each group around 12 -20 people, so guests are staggered throughout the day. Parking has been arranged at the Osborne Park Showground on Moss Vale Road in Kangaroo Valley and is included in your ticket price. When you start the Forage you will be given a booklet outlining all elements of the walk as well as a wine glass for your tastings.

We recommend flat shoes that cover your feet like trainers, no thongs or sandals, as this is a national park and whilst its flat and a well worn track, it is an unmodified natural surface. Please bring your own filled water bottle (there will be refill stations along the way), sunscreen and a hat for the spring weather. This is a beginners walk so suitable for all fitness levels.

What to expect

We suggest taking your time to really get the most from this wonderful location. The vegetation is diverse from rainforest to woodland and heath. In October there is a vibrant display of wildflowers in bloom from large yellow swamp banksias, cream paperbark wattles and deep reds on the native fuchsia. The area is also known for its bird life from honeyeaters to parrots, emu wrens and kookaburras.

The trail leads through a dense community of plants especially adapted to the difficult, nutrient poor conditions on the exposed sandstone escarpments. Expect to see spectacular plants such as the dwarf gum tree, a form of yellow Bloodwood, Corymbia Eximia. The flowers, fruit, leaves and bark of this plant are very attractive all with a yellow tinge. You will often see pink eriostemon and highly scented boronia in full flower nearby. There are also a huge variety of orchids, native peas and purple flag blooming in spring which bring in large numbers of birds and small marsupials to feed as this is a rich course of nectar and pollen.

Main trees are Scribbly Gum, Red Bloodwood, Southern Sandstone Stringybark, Yertchuck and Yellow Bloodwood with its spectacular cream-yellow flowers in October. Also Grass Tree, Boronia, Eriostemon, Banksias, Smokebush, Geebung, Wedge-pea, Drum and Cone sticks, Hakea, Kunzea, Dampiera, Grevilleas, Mountain Devil, Native Iris, Leek Orchid, Sun Orchid.

Native animals to the area include Wombat, Swamp Wallaby, Echidna, Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Wedge-tailed Eagle, Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo, Grey Shrike-thrush, Grey Fantail, Rufous Whistler, Eastern Spinebill, New Holland Honeyeater, Yellow-tufted Honeyeater, Wattlebird, Rock Warbler (around cliffs), Lace Monitor, Jacky Lizard.

Cost Options

8 course degustation $175 per person OR

10 course degustation $195 per person.

This includes parking, bus ride there and back which is 10-15 mins each way, all food and wine for the day as well as NSW Parks fees and GST.

Our 2021 event will go on sale in November with gift certificates available for Christmas. We are also looking at Saturday 6 March 2021 for our 2020 Sunday guests who missed out due to weather conditions. Updates coming soon.

We are very excited to introduce you to all our partners across both days, and showcase unique experiences on each day of the Highland Valley Forage for 2021.


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8 Course Degustation & 4km, 10 Course Degustation & 9.5km


Saturday 20 March, Saturday 23 October

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